General information about Bagan Myanmar
In Myanmar, the fee is charged by region, so when you come to Bagan you will have to buy a ticket for $ 15 or 15,000kyats. You can pay with any money but the exchange rate at the end of July when I change at the airport is 1 $ ~ 970kyats. And remember to keep this ticket if you don't want to lose another fee. In Bagan or in Yangon, Mandalay, Lake Inle, you can use $ or Kyats. But in some places, for every $ 1, it is 1000k, but in some other places, for example, you have to pay 20,000k by $, then you will have to pay 22 $. In Bagan it is almost impossible to use a card so it is best to bring cash and should change at the airport to get the best rate.

Security of this area is very safe, because there is a force called Police Tourism scattered in the sightseeing area and if necessary they will immediately support you.

Typical of Bagan weather and hot sunshine. But the period of 1.2 months will be cold, when going to Bagan this season, you should wear warm. And the low season of Bagan tourism falls in August because it is the rainy season. But in fact, when I arrived in Bagan, it was 29.7, it was still sunny and the tourists were still very crowded, not seeing any low point.

The sightseeing area in Bagan is almost temples and pagodas, so the girls need to pay attention to the costumes a bit. Men are not so good, they can wear pants, but women avoid 2-string, tank top or crop top and short skirts. Wearing a skirt should also be over the pillow. Both men and women pay attention not to wear shoes inside these areas (not all!).

6th Floor, 158 Building, 45 Street,
Botataung Township, Yangon
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