Máy laser cắt tấm kim loại 1000W.

Application Field
Specially used for cutting 0.5 to 10mm carbon steel, 0.5 to 5mm stainless steel, 0.5 to 3mm aluminum, 0.5 to 3mm brass, 0.5 to 2mm copper, galvanized steel and other metal sheets.
It is applicable to sheet metals,kitchenware,hardware,advertising,decoration ,gifts,lighting lamps,medical instruments and other fields
Machine Description
1.N-light/IPG fiber laser resonator
2.Cypcut control system
3.laser power 1000w
4.1000w laser cutting max thickness up to 10mm
5.High speed﹠high quality cutting system
6.Cutting area 1500*3000mm
Technical Parameter
Laser power
Laser source
fiber laser resonator
Processing surface
(L × W)
3000mm x 1500mm
Position accuracy
X, Y axle
position accuracy
X, Y axle
Maximum position speed
X, Y axle
Power supply
AC380V±5% 50 or 60Hz (3 phase)
Total electric power
Machine weight
Machine dimension
Precise gear rack double driving
Sample Display

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